Our Story

The story behind High Cotton is one of homegrown excellence.

In January of 2010, founder Judy Hill's eldest son Cameron, who attends UVa medical school, informed her that a recent study was released discouraging doctors from wearing silk neckties due to their tendency to harbor harmful bacteria. The study showed that since men rarely dry-clean their silk neckties in the first place, a doctor's necktie now ran the risk of carrying bacteria and passing it from patient to patient. To prevent bacteria from spreading throughout the hospital, doctors were discouraged nationwide from wearing neckwear of any sort.

Judy, who is one of the most outstanding Southern women you may ever meet, knew that doctors did not want to willingly do-away with their neckties, as they always seem to be 'known' for wearing them in their practices. To them, wearing a tie represents a doctor's personality and distinction, which is why she decided to sew Cameron a cotton bow tie to wear to his rotations. They found that a cotton bow tie was not only handsome, but it was also machine washable so there was no longer any need to worry about the spread of harmful bacteria.

In that moment, an idea was born. What started off as a loving gift for her son in medical school, quickly turned into something that was extremely preppy. The connection that cotton has with the South and its inherent easy-going quality makes it something that is very easy to wear, and something that is very easy to look good in while wearing.

Running a company that makes 100% cotton bow ties here in the south had a widespread appeal at all the southern universities her sons attended, so she knew there was a strong market for her products. From there, the rest is history.

We are busy at work sharing High Cotton's story throughout the nation, now doing business with more than 200 fine men's clothiers in the southeast. As our entrepreneurial dream continues to unveil, we remind ourselves to focus on these three core values: remember where you came from and remain humble at all times, deliver products of uncompromising quality, and continue to proudly manufacture everything right here in the U.S.A.

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