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When will my order ship?

How quickly will my order arrive?

Do I need to pay for express?

The item I am looking for says it is only available for Pre-Order, what does that mean?

Where is my order?

My package says it was delivered, but I don't have it! What do I do?


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Can I order several cummerbund sets and return the ones I don't want to wear?

Product Information

Are all of your ties pre-tied?

I have an 18+ inch neck. Will your ties fit me?

What is the width of your bow tie?

Can you make custom ties for me?

Does a gift box come with every tie?

Can I get my products monogrammed?


I can’t tie a bow tie. Can you tie it before your mail it to me?

Can I get free swatches?

Is there a retail location in Raleigh that I can pick up from?

What retail stores carry your product? Can you check to see if they have what I need?